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Whether you’re looking at an acquisition to reduce your business costs, achieve economies of scale, realise greater market share, increase synergy, offer new products or services, enter a foreign market, remove competition, eliminate expansion constraints, or for any other reason, Don Manifold Advisory Partners is your acquisition specialist.

Providing advisory and support throughout the entire acquisitions process – from pre-planning to post-transaction – Don Manifold Advisory Partners has garnered decades of experience from working in the professional services sector and completing highly successful acquisitions across a range of industry types.

We provide objective, practical and highly customised solutions in all acquisition transaction matters.

We know firsthand that best outcomes for your business are typically achieved by uniting knowledgeable internal resources, skills and experience in your own company with our acquisitions specialists.

Don Manifold Advisory Partners’ experience in navigating positive acquisitions means that we can leverage years of success. This also includes providing recommendations against moving forward with the transaction. Whether it’s non-alignment with your business’ strategic goals or great risk, we won’t hesitate to advise against the transaction.

Don Manifold Advisory Partners’ Acquisitions Service Areas

Don Manifold Advisory Partners works with clients to increase outcomes relating to proposed and current acquisitions. Some of our service areas include:

  • Assisting with reviewing and refining your acquisitions strategy
  • Planning the acquisition process (even before opportunity identification)
  • Developing your internal team
  • Advising on an acquisitions model that can be replicated in the future
  • Seeking acquisition targets in an efficient and effective manner
  • Providing due diligence assistance and assessment to ensure deals are objective (e.g. risks relating to legislation, regulations and environmental)
  • Identifying potential synergies
  • Mitigating risks to optimise synergy and value outcomes
  • Assessing and appraising assets that will be attained upon acquisition
  • Valuing the business to be acquired and advisory over its purchase price
  • Collaborating with other skilled professionals during the acquisitions processes
  • Assessing and identifying different financing opportunities available
  • Evaluating and advising on documentation and agreements
  • Providing advice and assistance with tax planning and accounting
  • Post-acquisition advice and assistance with corporate restructuring and the reallocation of resources to optimise value

Don Manifold Advisory Partners and Acquisition Legalities 

From years of negotiating successful acquisitions, we’ve developed in-depth knowledge of the regulations in Australia that must be adhered to, including: 

  • ASIC – The Australian Securities and Investment Commission is the chief regulator in terms of acquisitions in the domestic market
  • ACCC – The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission enforces anti-competitive behaviour as they pertain to acquisitions
  • ASX – The Australian Securities Exchange also requires compliance with its listing rules
  • FIRB – The Foreign Investment Review Board (advisory function only) looks at proposals relating to foreign investment in Australia and provides recommendations to the Treasurer
  • The Australian Takeovers Panel –a body that “regulates corporate control transactions in widely held Australian entities, primarily by the efficient, effective and speedy resolution of takeover disputes

Don Manifold Advisory Partners can advise and assist your business throughout the entire acquisitions process. To find out more, or to confidentially discuss your requirements, please contact us in the first instance via phone, email or our online form.

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