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Don Manifold Advisory Partners takes a systematic, objective and disciplined approach to the divestment process. An experienced divestiture specialist, Don Manifold Advisory Partners collaborates with clients to strengthen the core of their business and produce value that otherwise would not be achieved.

Proficient at strategic divestiture, Don Manifold Advisory Partners benefits business by ensuring all selling activities are optimised and of valuable to the whole of company. We have prior experience in conducting highly successful divestment programs for a wide spectrum of corporate clients – both domestically and internationally.

As a divestment specialist in a professional services group role over the last two decades, we’ve headed up and been involved in divestment transactions around the world.

Why Don Manifold Advisory Partners’ Divestment Service?

Don Manifold Advisory Partners understands that divestiture is one of business’ most valuable business tools. Value and profit maximisation and core fortification will be achieved when the whole-of-lifecycle divestment process is objective and strategic.

We fully comprehend that divestiture is not simply about making a good deal at that moment in time. It’s a critical component of a robust corporate restructuring strategy in order to achieve optimal results for your business.

Our experience as a divestment specialist means that our decision making is informed by tried and tested guidelines. Value maximisation is both timely and aligns with the business’ overall long-term vision.

When: Don Manifold Advisory Partners’ Core Divestment Services

Don Manifold Advisory Partners helps clients in the following areas:

  • Selling off underperforming operations / units in order to concentrate on profitable and performing activities
  • Selling off in order to use generated income in the existing business
  • Liquidating in order to increase the overall value of the company (as opposed to the overall value of holding the asset)
  • Selling to solve a financial issue in order to strengthen the business
  • Selling to fulfil a regulatory obligation (such as to increase market competition)

How: Don Manifold Advisory Partners’ Divestiture Process

From partial sell-offs and demergers to equity carve-outs, our divestment experience spans:

  • Business Evaluation & Assessment – we review your business and identify performing / underperforming areas and highlight opportunities
  • Capacity Evaluation – this involves evaluating whether your business is in a “good” position to undertake a divestment program, what the benefits of divestment are, and what the potential risks are
  • Program Planning – this involves preparing for a divestment program and working out the tasks that need to be undertaken (including associated financials)
  • Program Execution – we help you and your business navigate divestment activities
  • Post-Divestment Program – following divestiture, key considerations and evaluation needs to take place (such as assessment of the value achieved and alignment with intended outcomes)

For a confidential discussion about how Don Manifold Advisory Partners can assist you with all your divestiture needs, contact us via phone or email. Alternatively, to book a no-obligation meeting, please fill out our online form.

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