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Independent Expert's Reports

Don Manifold Advisory Partners produces quality Independent Expert’s Reports (IERs) – contributing to an unbiased and informed decision-making process. By providing impartial and credible advice as to whether a proposed transaction is considered fair and reasonable or is in the stakeholders’ best interests, Don Manifold Advisory Partners’ Independent Expert’s Reports are instrumental to helping shareholders make informed decisions.

Our impartiality in terms of reviewing transactions and providing advisory delivers reports that are objective, informed and fulfill mandatory responsibilities.

Our experience in the professional services industry has traversed the widest diversity of transactions – from mergers to takeovers. We’ve also worked with a spectrum of ASX companies, adhering to regulatory, legislative and / or board requirements in the preparation of the IER.

Don Manifold Advisory Partners’ Independent Expert’s Report (IER): Fair and / or Reasonable Transaction

Don Manifold Advisory Partners delivers independent analysis of proposed transactions, providing shareholders with the complete picture. We provide information so that stakeholders feel confident in the fact they’re making an informed decision on whether to approve or reject the proposed transaction.

Our IERs promote transparency, providing an independent view and opinion on whether the proposed transaction is fair and reasonable. All of our IERs are prepared in accordance with guidelines set by the:

  • Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Listing Rules
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • Corporations Act 2001
  • Company Board

Our determination can find that the proposed transaction is fair, thereby making it reasonable. In certain circumstances, however, the IER may find that the transaction is considered to be reasonable, but it is not fair. In this case, it is recommended that shareholders accept the proposed transaction. This might occur in instances such as where there are synergies with the entity involved in the transaction or where there is a lack of offers.

Our IER Services: Types of Transactions

Don Manifold Advisory Partners prepares Independent Expert Reports for a wide range of transactions, including, but not limited to:

  • Schemes of Arrangement
  • Takeover Bids
  • Requests by the Board (to assist decision making)
  • Acquisitions and Buy-Outs
  • Securities Acquisition
  • Capital Reductions and Buy-Backs
  • Demutualisation of Financial Bodies
  • Buying or Selling of a Major Asset
  • Security Issue or Transfer (under certain circumstances)

Report Contents

Our IERs consist of the following:

  • Overview of the planned transaction
  • Analysis of the planned transaction and businesses involved
  • Valuation of businesses
  • Summary overview of the industries in which the businesses are positioned
  • Opinion as to whether the planned transaction is fair and reasonable and in the best interests of stakeholders
  • Rationale behind the opinion

To find out more about Don Manifold Advisory Partners’ Independent Expert Report (IER) service, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us via phone, email or through our online form.

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