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Don Manifold Advisory Partners has negotiated, collaborated on and executed highly successful mergers across a wide range of business types and industries. With decades of experience in the professional services industry, we’ve driven mergers to deliver maximum value creation and business optimisation to satisfied clients around the world.

From expanding your reach into new markets or territories, increasing your company’s market share, delivering cost reductions, or increasing revenue and profits, Don Manifold Advisory Partners works closely with clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs, business objectives and vision for the proposed merger.

At Don Manifold Advisory Partners, we focus on your requirements and interests, ensuring you receive the outcomes you seek.

Our years in the field have armed us with in-depth knowledge of relevant legislation and its application when applying customised solutions for your business. We also know how critical time is in the merger process. That’s why we’re here for you around the clock until the merger process is fully completed.


Mergers: How Don Manifold Advisory Partners Can Help You

Don Manifold Advisory Partners can assist you in the areas of:

Horizontal Mergers – these mergers usually involve the same industry and often include competitors who offer similar services or products to increase market share or economies of scale

  • Vertical Mergers – typically involves merging supply companies in relation to a specific product or service in order to increase synergies and decrease costs
  • Market Extension – where companies who sell the same product or service, but are in a different market to the other, merge in order to grow their base
  • Conglomerates – including the merging of those companies that are positioned in different industries / activities or territories
  • Congeneric – a merging of companies that overlap in some aspect to create a new entity


Don Manifold Advisory Partners’ Merger Service Areas

Our capabilities include the following service areas:

  • Providing valuations, including fair market valuation reports, investment value determination and synergistic value determination
  • Assistance with target search, vetting and outreach
  • Assistance with the development of an investment strategy that defines the needs of the merger and its alignment with the company’s growth strategy, objective identification, and potential value to the company
  • Assessing, advising and executing the restructuring / structuring of the business or transactions surrounding the merger
  • Advising, negotiating and assisting in capital raising
  • Providing advice, assistance and documentation surrounding legislation (competition, consumer and corporations law) as it relates to the proposed / current merger
  • Providing due diligence on all matters relating to merger transactions
  • Advisory and assistance with international mergers that involves either foreign entities or investment into Australia
  • Addressing post-merger issues, such as synergy identification and integration priorities


To find out how Don Manifold Advisory Partners can assist your business throughout the merger process, please contact us today for a no-obligation confidential discussion on phone, email or via our online form.

To discover how Don Manifold Advisory Partners can assist you, contact us below.



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