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Don Manifold Advisory Services

Don Manifold Advisory Partners’ decades of experience in the professional services industry has delivered unsurpassed outcomes to top-tier clients across a broad cross-section of industry types – both in Australia and internationally.

A highly sought-after specialist in the areas of Board Advisory, Strategic Reviews, Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestiture, Independent Expert’s Reports (IER) and Valuations, Don Manifold Advisory Partners is now pleased to leverage this extensive knowledge, experience and success via our consultancy service.

Board Advisory

Don Manifold Advisory Partners assists management teams to articulate and execute on strategy. The business provides independent and practical advice typically for private businesses by chairing or attending regular advisory board meetings and chairing annual strategic planning sessions.

Strategic Reviews

A decision-support tool for business, Don Manifold Advisory Partners assists clients in deciding which strategic option to pursue by assessing various strategic options against evaluation criteria and providing independent advice regarding the likely financial outcomes of the options. Strategic reviews are commonly used when Board of Directors or owners are assessing whether to divest or invest in divisions or the entire business.


Don Manifold Advisory Partners assists clients throughout the merger process, including in the areas of horizontal, vertical, market extension, conglomerates and congeneric mergers. We help clients achieve their goals – whether it’s establishing new market reach, increasing market share, reducing costs, increasing revenue and profit, or anything else. From merger strategy to valuations, target search to due diligence, we help our clients through to post-merger issues.


Don Manifold Advisory Partners provides objective, practical and highly customised solutions to clients in all acquisition transaction matters. From wanting to offer a new product or service, enter a foreign market, consolidate your industry, avoid constraints to expansion, or any other goal, Don Manifold Advisory Partners will support your acquisition aims. Our acquisitions advisory service is directed by an in-depth knowledge of the ASIC, ACCC, ASX, FIRB and Takeover Panels guidelines.


At Don Manifold Advisory Partners, we take a systematic and disciplined approach to divestiture to assist clients in the strengthening of their business core and value. We provide advisory and assistance to those businesses selling due to under performance, income generation, to increase the overall value of their company (versus holding onto assets), solve financial instability, or sell due to a regulatory obligation.

Independent Expert’s Report (IER)

IERs provide impartial and credible advice as to whether a proposed transaction is considered fair and reasonable to shareholders or is in their best interests. We prepare our IERs in line with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Listing Rules, Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), Corporations Act 2001 and / or the board’s requirements.


Don Manifold Advisory Partners delivers independent, fair and defendable valuations of companies and assets. Our valuations are used by clients as a tool when selling, buying, raising capital, attracting investors / partners, negotiating deals, resolving disputes, and more. Our valuations are critical to M&As, Divestments, Taxation & Insurance matters, financial reporting and accounting, and asset register reconciliations.

To discover how Don Manifold Advisory Partners can assist you, or for a confidential discussion about matters relating to M&As, Divestments, IERs and Valuations, please contact us via phone, email or via the online contact form.



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