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Strategic Reviews

A decision-support tool for business, Don Manifold Advisory Partners assists clients in deciding which strategic option to pursue by assessing various strategic options against evaluation criteria and providing independent advice regarding the likely financial outcomes of the options. Strategic reviews are commonly used when Board of Directors or owners are assessing whether to divest or invest in divisions or the entire business.

 Don Manifold Advisory Partners can assist you in the areas of:

  • Exit timing and strategy – Typically there are several options available to Boards and owners for exiting all or part of their businesses. These include an initial public offering on the Australian Securities Exchange, a private treaty divestment to trade or financial buyers, a partial divestment to financial buyers or management and an aggressive expansion strategy prior to divestment. The strategic review seeks to understand the Boards and owners objectives, create evaluation criteria and assess each option against these criteria based on independent advice on the likely financial outcomes of each option
  • New market entry strategy – New market entry strategies require careful considerations about the market attractiveness (competitors, barriers to entry and industry margins) and likely returns from entering that market. Strategic reviews combine market attractiveness analysis with independent financial analysis to assist Boards and owners on deciding whether to enter a new market

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